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"Her hair flutters in the wind, she circles in the sunshine, flows with the rhythm of the waters, embraces the earth.

She dances alone and with her companions...

She dances desire, mourning, hope, rage and courage.

She dances with the seasons - tenderly, creatively, thoughtfully, wildly. Her dance is authentic, inspiring, affecting.

She brings flowers to bloom and fruits to the tire. Generously she distributes her treasures and pours her cornucopia out...

She dances in sunlight, moonlight and starlight, through rain, storm and heat, the dance of the elements, the dance of life - life as a dance..."

Dance of the Elements - Dance of Life

Two-year training for ritual facilitators and creators
With Moira Schmidt

The forces and rhythms of nature are connected with our lives. By consciously connecting with the cycles of birth, growth and decay and feasting them in ritual we experience a stabilization of our vitality, clarify important questions and experience healing.

In conformity with the yearly circle we arrange rituals and learn to create rituals for different purposes, for individuals and for groups.

A place of power, where we feast rituals

The training is suitable for people who:

The group meets - after the decision weekend - on nine weekends over two years including all eight season rituals - Brigid (Imbolc), Ostara (Spring Equinox), Beltane, Litha (Summer Solstice), Lammas, Mabon (Fall Equinox), Samhain (Halloween), Yule (Winter Solstice).

Parallel to it we create rituals for life phases, which are connected with the wheel of the year:

Spring - growth, puberty
Summer - connection, wedding
Autumn - harvest, releasing, parting
Winter - death and rebirth

During the training, in the mornings and afternoons we will learn  methods of energy work and tools for creating ritual. We also learn background about the rituals in the yearly circle and life-phases. 

After group ritual planning we will celebrate the season ritual in the evening. Participants will take on tasks according to their existing and acquired abilities and receive feedback from the group.

During the time between meetings, exercises will be provided to the participants which they can include in daily life.  These serve to deepen the work.

Support of the group and supervision by the facilitator are available through an email list, where personal experiences are reported and questions answered.

The techniques, with which we work, originate from the Reclaiming and Feri traditions, the Wilderness Awareness Training, ‘Healing powers of Dance’ (‘Heilende Kräfte im Tanz), systemic-solution-oriented therapy and the field of planning life and work.

Before Ostara-Ritual

Individual methods are:

Air (decision, clarity, overview, communication): Energy cake and life-line, work with mythological and other texts, the art of magical story-telling, diary and free writing, breath and voice exercises, chanting, invocations, communication, consensus and team training, ethics of spiritual teachers and mentors

Fire (expression, life-power, extacsy, courage): drum-rhythms, use of rhythm and music in ritual, dance-archetypes, trance-dance, free dance, circle dances

Water (intuition, feelings, inspiration, creativity): meditation- and trance-techniques (visualization, aspecting, trance-inductions from hypnotherapy, drum trance), paining, tarot, decoration of the room and creation of altars 

Earth (sensuality, liveliness, enjoyment, healing):  grounding-methods, bodywork, massage-techniques, healing powers of food, herbs and flower-remedies, healing-dance-rituals 

Center (the place on which all other powers flow together, balance, vision): Work with the inner place of power and places of power in nature (wilderness-awareness-training, methods of earth-healing), anchor-techniques, knowledge about and inspiration by pre-patriarchal cultures, goddesses and gods, recognizing the own gifts and skills, development of a vision concerning the own spiritual work and learning how to manifest it, group-trance and –vision

Place: A beautiful retreat center near Worpswede/Bremen. The house offers the possibility to work and celebrate rituals inside and outside under old oaks. 

Decision Weekend:

08 January 26-27 including Brigid-ritual on Saturday evening

Start: Saturday, 11 o’clock a.m, End: Sunday, 3 o’clock p.m. 

Costs: 150 Euro fee plus 44 Euro if you sleep in the group-room (with sleeping bag and air mattress), 63 Euro for a two- or three-bed room. Included are also food on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday and hot beverages.

Costs fort he group after the decision-weekend:

Nine weekends a 150 Euro (plus accommodation and food – see above) plus 25 Euro per month for the supervision of the email listserve. Total costs: 2000 Euro if you pay at the beginning, 2210 Euro if you pay in instalments (26 x 85 Euro per month).  The costs for accommodation and food (44 or 63 Euro) have to be paid directly to the retreat center.

Dates in 2008:

April 26-27: Beltane-Weekend
July 26-27: Lughnasad-Weekend
November 01-02: Samhain-Weekend

Important notice: It is not possible to accept new participants during the training-cycle. If people leave the training they have to pay the full costs (fee, food and accommodation) as it would not be fair for the others to pay additional costs, or for the facilitator or the retreat center to loose income.

The pre-conditions in order to take part in the apprenticeship are:

The facilitator may decide to abandon people who do not seem to fit into the group.  

About the trainer:

Moira Schmidt is social-scientist, learning-therapist and ritual facilitator.

Training and further education in the creation of rituals and energy-work (with Dr. Donate Pahnke, Starhawk, Thorn Coyle and others), in systemic-solution-oriented therapy (Norddeutsches Institut für Kurzzeittherapie in Bremen), body-work and dance (Friederike Pausch, Nürnberg, Institut ‚Heilende Kräfte im Tanz (HKiT) Lüneburger Heide, Drumming (Michi Schmidt), Clüversborstel. 

Since 1992 teacher in the adult-education in the fields of planning life and work, communication- and team-training, facilitator in the feminist education movement (workshops for planning life and work, bisexuality and feminism, eroticism, desire and sexuality)

1996 Foundation of the practice ‚Raum für kreatives und integratives Lernen’

1997-: Creation of season rituals and ritual-workshops, facilitation at workshops and camps in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and France, support of local communities and teachers 

2004-2006 first cycle of training for ritual facilitators and creators with participants from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland

Some voices from the first training-group:

Lisa from Switzerland:

‘I liked getting to know more about the season feasts and ritual
elements that fit to the season. I liked being able to exchange with
others, to practice and gain experience in various roles, as well as
in ritual organization, structure, elements and how to "tie them all
together". I liked learning in a group.’

Gabriele from Germany (after training establishment of an own group for season rituals):

 ‚I liked the atmosphere of the training that was shaped by openness and mutual confidence. Also the exercises pleased me very well, since many can be transferred - either into the personal work or into the work with groups. … Moira, I learned to estimate you during the two years as human and as a teacher. You understood it to encourage us… Instruction was arranged flexible by you . You have exactly the correct mixture found between necessary guidance and granting free spaces. Result: I learned a lot!.' (Translation from German)

Suus from the Netherlands (facilitator at 2006 Loreley-camp and 2007 Phoenix-camp):

‘I liked that it gave me the tools and the courage to take on leading roles in ritual. It is very safe to start in a controlled environment and for me to take on roles in rituals as for instance camp was not scary anymore. I greatly respect you and your knowledge as a teacher, I learned a lot from you. I feel blessed with the warmth and the trust you gave me… it was really empowering to have someone telling me that I could do this.’

Further information and application until 2007 October 31:

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