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"I Who am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars and the mysteries of the waters, I call upon your soul to arise and come unto me. For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe."

From "The Charge of the Goddess" as adapted by Starhawk

The idea and the need to find a common name for our network has developed, as some of us have decided to support a call to action for the G8-meeting in Genova. We have done it as a group of people,

We had many discussions about a suitable name for our network in different German and Austrian Reclaiming-Groups and some of us decided for "Reclaiming-Earth-Activists in Germany and Austria - REA". In 2002 at a Magical-Activism and Direct-Action Training with Starhawk in Northern Germany, that also people from Britain and France attended, REA became a European Network.

The Living River

We love REA very much because it's also included in the name of RHEA, the ancient pre-patriachal Goddess and earth-mother of Crete (more information below).

And for the Earth, for the beauty, diversity and fertility of Her wild and Her cultivated nature, for just, sustainable and cooperative ways of life and relations between Her people, animals, plants,... we raise our voices. Stemming from our deep sense of belonging to Her, we summon up our energy to political change. We know, that there is no power that is stronger than the courage of our non-violent, physical and spiritual presence and magic.

Our goals are:

Important mediums for our international networking are the Living-River (LivRiv) and RWTO-listserves. You can subscribe at the Reclaiming-website:

Furthermore I'd like to highly recommend Starhawks activism-page at, as it includes brilliant articles about political and magical activism.

If you want to get political information, that you don't see or hear in the corporate media, go to: There are independent media-centers all around the world, who do an excellent work.

The Living-River is flowing and growing... Loreley-Nymphs fight for water-rights

A report about an action of REA, the Reclaiming-Earth-Activists-Network

Last preparations, before the action starts

To come to the point: The first big action of the REA (Reclaiming-Earth-Activists) Network was very successfull! In 2002 September 14 we have been part of an action-day of different groups, organized by the German section of ATTAC, a European network against neoliberal globalization. We have been twelve nymphs between 40.000 (!) protestors, who demonstrated in Cologne/Germany against the privatization of water -- and have probably been the group who has got the most attention by the peoples and media. „The water-nymphs raise their voices because we are convinced, that water has to be respected as a basis for life“. This is how the text of our flyer begins that describes our action and informs about the danger of GATS for water as well as for education and health.

The Living River is flowing in the streets of Cologne

After a very constructive preparation via email we have met in Cologne on Friday before the action in order to discuss it, exercise our chants and read the Cochabamba-Declaration with different roles. On Saturday morning we met at a wonderful place under old willows at the Rhine-River and changed into „Nixen“ and „Nöcks“, the nymphs in German mythology. We closed the circle, connected with the waters of the Rhine, called the nymph Loreley into the center and asked her for support. In an old german fairy-tale, the devil wanted to block the Rhine with big rocks, when suddenly the Loreley started to sing and the powers of destruction, symbolized through the devil, changed and disappeared.

Connected and strengthened we flowed into the city with the wonderful Living-River-cloth, that Annwyn, one of our sisters in the USA has made for our network, gave dolphins in silver to children and flyer to their parents and other peoples and talked to them about the intention of our action. Especially the children liked us „Nixen and Nöcke“ very much. We moved through the town, blocked traffic for some time and shouted: „Lorelei und Nixen singen, lasst euch nicht ums Wasser bringen! Weg mit dem GATS! UH!“ („Loreley and Nixen say, don’t let them take your water away! Away with the Gats! HUH!“)

Nymphs before the Cathedral of Cologne, a famous landmark of the city

At a central meeting-place for different groups we made a spiral dance. For the whole time during the action people came to us and usked us: „Who are you? Where are you from? What do you want?“ or: „Are you the Nixen“? „Great! A lot of success! You are wonderful!“ we have heard from many, many peoples.

Our colourful, sensitive action and the connection with the problem of water-privatization obviously showed our intention in a very positive way, so that people were open for the topic and for discussion. The strong support of our action was a signal, that there is a need for other forms of political resistance, and that the energy of our small group ( „Twelve of forty-thousand“) has left traces for others. So for example in Ulm, Stuttgart and other cities where people, who have been inspired by our action also transformed into Nixen and Nöcks and made protests against border politics, privatization and other issues. The Living-River is flowing and growing...

For the Loreley-Nymphs in Cologne written by Inge and Moira from REA-network

More pictures of the action

The Goddess Rhea

(This text is taken from:

In ancient Crete Rhea was worshipped in fervent processional celebrations as the Goddess of all Creation. It was said, that she was so ancient she inhabited the forests of Arcadia before moon's creation.

In later patriarchal myth she was said to be daughter of Gaia and mother of the Olympian goddesses and gods.

In Orphic myth she sat out of the cave of black-winged night playing her drum to alert everyone to listen to the oracles of the Goddess...

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