In this section you will find some links to the homepages of groups, organizations and individuals, I work together with or whose engagement and work I can recommend.

This listing is not complete - but you find groups and individuals I am in contact with and whose work I know personally.

Herewith I make a clear statement, that can not be made responsible – legally or otherwise - for the contents of these websites.

Reclaiming International

You can find good articles concerning the history of Reclaiming and the „Principles of Unity“, that connect communities and groups allover the world. There are also many announcements, you can order the newsletter „Reclaiming Quarterly“ and join one of the Email-Groups:

Fellow Reclaiming Teachers

At Starhawks homepage you can find information about her books, many brilliant articles about spirituality and politics, ressources for activists, trainings in permaculture and much more.

T. Thorn Coyle. Thorn teaches in Reclaiming and the Andersons Feri-Tradition, of which Reclaiming is an offspring. You will also find information about her new book „Evolutionary Witchcraft“and her great music.

Political Networks

Attac is a network of groups and individuals, who work locally and internationally against neo-liberal globalization. Many REA-networkers are also active in Attac. Another world is possible!

Women-and-Life-Network. A political network of different women-groups, who work on globalization, ecology and other issues from a feminist point of view.

Friends of the Earth are engaged internationally in the  protection of nature and wilderness.

Wilderness Awareness

I have learned to know some exercises of the Wilderness Awareness School during a Magical Activism and Direct Action Training with Starhawk. I practice their Kamana-Training and can highly recommend it!

Minoan Culture on Crete

The following Homepages are beautiful and have many good information for all, who are interested in the Minoan Culture.

A wonderful Homepage with many information about the Snake-Goddess can be found at:

The Life and Work of Marija Gimbutas

Order the film "Signs out of Time" by Donna Read and Starhawk, if you are interested in Marijas work. It is an excellent introduction, very touching and moving. Besides the movie Marijas books are some of my favourites!

Ritual Drumming                             

Layne Redmond is a teacher for ritual-drumming and author of the book "When the Drummers were Women", that I can highly recommend.

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