About Moira Schmidt


I live at a wonderful place in the woods near Bremen in Northern Germany. I share it with the cats Rhea and Eila, many song-birds, ravens and owls.  

In classes and counselling I bring my experience as a social scientist, teacher in the adult education since 1991, being trained in the Reclaiming Tradition since 1995 and my further education in resource-oriented, systemic therapy. I’m also a Reclaiming Witchcamp-Teacher. Currently I am taking part in Thorn Coyles Feri-Training in England and an apprenticeship as a dance educator for ‘The healing powers of dance’ (Heilende Kräfte im Tanz).

Being self-employed as a trainer, therapist and faciliator for rituals I´m fond of combining different tools that help to find out the special gifts of individuals or groups and I teach how to make good use of these strenghts to create life and work according to the authentic self as well as rituals, magical-political actions and sustainable communities.

Also I´m trained in helping to solve conflicts and supporting people to dissolve blocks, that arise along their path.

I am a co-founder of Loreley-Camp and REA, the Reclaiming-Earth-Activists-Network in Europe, workshop- and camp-organizer and taught in Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and France.

I teach trainings for ritual-facilitators, in which international participants learn to create ritual in private and public groups and how to initiate new communities, where they live. Currently I am working on the second apprenticeship – more information will soon be published.

Since 2006 I have a little house on Crete, which has become my second home. I started to give lectures about the ancient Cretan culture there and I am planning new events together with my friend and colleague Baruch from America. You find more information under: www.reclaimingcrete.org

I love to adore the earth in cultivating and expressing the "joie de vivre" and ecological counsciousness in every-day-life, sing and dance, garden,  research on ancient cultures in Europe, travel, visit sacred sites and enjoy the wilderness, walks, fine meals and good talks with my soulmates and friends.

If you are interested in a a lecture, training or ritual workshop with a group in your own country, please contact me. The events will be also accessible for people, who speak little English if there is someone who translates into your native language. I´m looking forward to your inquiry!

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