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The Call of the Loreley

Von Moira

I am the spirit of the living river
the nymph that sings
when the moon is full

You, strong, handsome
women and men
hear my call:
Let go, let go, let go

Come to me
dive deep into the waters
of your soul
remember what has been forgotten

Dive deep into my waters
come to my cristal palace
under the surface
and share the extacsy
of sheer beauty

Dive deep
deeper and deeper
and I will let you know
how to know thyself
heal yourself
and be whole

Let go, let go, let go
the fights and wars
the battles and guns
all that you've done
in the name of the fathers
and that has never been
truely yours

Find your power again
and use it
for creating another world
where the earth is alive
the elements are held sacred
and people live together
in peace and harmony

Come to me
and let me show you
the beauty
the delight and happiness
of community

I am with you
in every soul that is reborn
every laughter
and the love that flows
from heart to heart
that has never been apart
from eachother

Hear my sound
in every chant
feel my power
in every drum-beat

Come and dance
the dance of life with me
celebrate extacsy

You need strength
to explore the secrets
you need courage
but in the end
you will live more fully
and you have learned
how to be human
and how to serve humanity

So come to me
embrace me
flow with me
let go
and learn to know

(geschrieben 2004 als Anrufung beim Loreley-Camp)

Wild Child

Von Moira

A child that sores
A child that bursts out in anger
A child that wants to be seen
To be loved
Simply to be accepted as it is…

The child dances
The child sings
The child laughs
The child is so charming -  family and neighbourhood are entranced.
It is so sweet and beautiful in the house…

There is more…

A longing for fresh air, wild plants, sensuality and beauty. A longing to escape…

So she makes a plan. When playing in the garden with her cousin she throws one of the children’s books down the wall that surrounds the garden. ‘Now we have to jump in order to get it back’, she says.

It is disturbing to hear the dog of the neighbours that is barking.

It is seductive - there are all of these wild flowers on the meadow that want to be plucked and put into beautiful arrangements.

It seems to be dangerous as they have been told many stories of the black man, that waits outside of the garden and hurts children…

They jump… They pass the dog… They escape… They do not meet him… They pluck the flowers… They are wild… They are free…

(geschrieben 2006 für das Feri-Training)

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